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The Cues Book 3 of the Pat Riordan Story by J Michael McGee  eBook cover

The Cues
A Pat Riordan Story (Book 3)
by J. Michael McGee

The Cues finds teacher Pat Riordan settling into a new post at the local university. Having exonerated himself a year earlier as a suspect in a missing persons case, Riordan is asked by a colleague’s widow to look into her husband’s death—and so, reluctantly, Riordan once again finds himself in the fold of a who-done-it case.

Teaming up with another colleague Phil Rister and former homicide detective Mike Finn, who has returned to the Midwest to find answers to the three-decades-old murder of his cousin, the trio follow leads connecting the old murder to the present-day death of Riordan’s colleague and a series of unsolved cases of missing women. The connections they make, which they come to call the cues, take them into the dark underbelly of the college town they thought they knew and the powerful forces behind it.

The Cues is the third novel in the Pat Riordan Crime Mystery series, following Bricked and The Slip Swing.


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