A Bit About Me

I grew up across the street from a house where a young girl was murdered. That mystery, still unsolved to this day, perhaps led me to work in the criminal justice system, first as a court investigator and later as a prison counselor.

In between those jobs, I worked as a college speech instructor, a freelance writer, a newspaper reporter and a high school teacher. I took time-out to travel overseas, hike the Grand Canyon several times and return to school to earn three master degrees.

The young girl’s death decades ago also prompted me to become a “paperback writer” of mysteries.

As an investigator for 15 years, I heard first-hand stories from men who committed crimes. Later, as a mental health therapist at a prison, I developed a keen ear for hard and realistic dialogue.   

I am the author of the three part Pat Riordan mystery thriller trilogy. The titles include Bricked, The Slip Swing, and the Cues.

Now working on my fourth novel, I also hang out a counseling shingle in my hometown of Columbia, Missouri treating persons who struggle with obsessive-compulsive disorder.  

I am always interested in hearing about your experiences. I hope you’ll share your thoughts, whether about writing, the treatment of OCD or the affairs of our world.


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